Grant Recipients

In the first round of funding under the LGBT+ Futures Fund, Consortium and the Government Equalities Office were delighted to announce 24 LGBT+ organisations would share the £200,000 available for distribution. In the second round a further investment of £200,000 was shared between 42 LGBT+ organisations across England.

Funding will support LGBT+ communities to be more visible and organisations supporting LGBT+ communities more sustainable.

A full list of successful applications is below.

List of grants

Round 1

Allsorts Youth Project £12,525: creation of a programme of work specifically aimed at improving BAMER/POC inclusion.

Bi Pride UK £4,202: ensuring that the first Bi Pride amplifies marginalised voices within the UK’s bi communities, with a specific focus on people with disabilities.

Bolton Rainbow Community £1,400: development of a safe, confidential space for LGBT+ local communities.

Brum Bi Group £1,200: supporting the development of this group providing safe and friendly social and peer support for people aged 16+.

Bury LGBT+ Forum £1,850: a fringe Pride event consisting of a Rainbow Train on a heritage railway line, targeting older LGBT+ people.

Curious Arts Limited £2,500: strengthen the offer of the organisation as well as governance, policies and board recruitment.

Encompass Network £5,080: development of the Queer Qandi Fest 2019, a festival for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Gendered Intelligence CIC £14,226: Summer Camp for 40 young people who are trans, non binary or questioning their gender.

Lancashire LGBT £9,899: sustainability grant to enable work on organisational strategy and implementation over 12 months.

Leicester LGBT Centre £18,698: sustainability grant towards training for volunteers to engage and raise awareness of the work of the organisation in community settings.

Lesbian Unity Festival South London £1,500: implementation of Lesbian Unity Festival 2019 for women of all backgrounds in South London.

LGBT Foundation £9,958: Men’s Programme providing creative activities for gay, bisexual and gay men of all ages and backgrounds, aimed at improving wellbeing, reducing isolation, and increasing confidence.

Marlborough Theatre C.I.C & New Writing South £9,475: "The Coast is Queer", an LGBTQ writers festival in Brighton.

MindOut LGBTQ Mental Health Service £10,961: sustainability grant to build the capacity and capabilities to plan the next 3-5 years.

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre £18,558: sustainability grant to support the implementation of a three year strategic plan.

Opening Doors London (ODL) £12,864: establishing two new strands of engagement: Older LGBT+ BAME engagement; and Older LGBT+ Trans and Non-Binary engagement.

Pride in Gloucestershire £2,250: ensuring Pride is accessible to people who are deaf or experiencing hearing loss.

Pride in Sheffield £8,869: improve accessibility and inclusion at the 2019 Pride in Sheffield event for neurodivergent people, BAME people, trans people, elderly people, people with mobility or mental health issues.

Salford Pride £2,500: improving inclusion and broadening participation at the annual Pink Picnic event via: Youth Zone, Picnic Area, Deaf interpreters, Wheelchair accessible toilets.

SAYiT £14,643: engagement with young LGBT+ SEND people to ensure those young people's needs are met within their own, and others services, across Sheffield.

The Clare Project £8,000: creation of TNB drop-in in Hastings, a dedicated opportunity for trans and non-binary communities.

The Intercom Trust £15,810: sustainability grant to explore income diversification and embed strategic plan.

TransBareAll £1,700: publishing a book to showcase the history of the organisation including creative works from the Trans community.

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group £10,578: translating and subtitling legal information videos and text to improve inclusion of LGBTQI+ people and communities currently underrepresented.

Round 2

Warwickshire Pride £2,750 Improve accessibility of Warwickshire Pride festival, ensuring it is inclusive including: Trans Chillout Zone, Bi Zone, BAME outreach, BSL.

Free2B Alliance £2,826 Support to LGBT+ school forums to improve their effectiveness and increase membership, particularly among BAME students.

Breakout Youth £9,560 Development of 5-year plan for this LGBT+ youth organisation to upskill key staff and trustees, develop fundraising strategy and build relationships.

Proud 2 b parents £2,000 Activities for LGBT+ parents in Manchester.

Oldham Pride £2,000 Allies area and pledge zone as well as Youth Zone for young people at Pride.

Q Space £1,949 Group for parents of LGBT+ young people, Q Corner to provide a quiet social space in the daytime and a range of events throughout the year.

York LGBT Forum £2,933 Creation of new social activities to expand provision for LGBT+ communities in York and surrounding rural areas.

Sunderland Pride Group CIC £1,869 Social support group for trans and non-binary young people aged 13-24.

LGBT+ Service Nottinghamshire £9,417 One-to-one support for trans young people and creation of LGBT+ safe spaces and groups within schools and youth spaces in Nottinghamshire.

Rainbow Foundation £550 Collection of stories from older members of the LGBT+ community for collation into a book.

Switchboard £7,959 Development of Trans Survivors Project for trans and non-binary people affected by sexual, domestic and intimate partner violence.

GayGlos £1,975 Support for LGBT+ asylum seekers in collaboration with Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylums Seekers.

Cumbria LGBT Pride £1,700 Circus skills to engage young people and a photography display.

Pride in North Cumbria £1,865 Youth zone and drumming workshop at a local Pride event.

LGB&T Out in the Bay £2,000 New weekly social activities for LGBT+ young people under 16 years old.

Trade Sexual Health £2,897 Workshops, craft sessions and participation in the Leicester Pride parade by LGBT+ people from a range of cultures.

LGBT Federation North East £1,980 Support for LGBT+ asylum seekers and migrant people without recourse to funds.

LGBT Bristol £6,500 Development of a business plan and strategy for 3-5 years including research, development sessions with staff, volunteers and trustees, meetings with LGBT+ Networks and focus groups with users.

Norwich Pride £1,830 Translation of key Norwich Pride documents into Easy Read to enable volunteers with learning disabilities to access them more easily.

KeshetUK £3,630 Implementation of new volunteering strategy with a focus on underrepresented volunteers: older Jewish LGBT+ people and those from BAME and Orthodox Jewish backgrounds.

Q:alliance £7,650 Expanding youth provision by creating three age-appropriate youth social groups

LCR Pride Foundation £4,500 Dedicated Youth Zone at Liverpool Pride 2019.

The Kite Trust £8,388 ‘Springboard’ youth leadership, recruiting and training 8 young people leading into a research project. Particularly young people who are out of training or employment and/or have a disability.

Not Alone Plymouth £1,625 Re-establishing a closed monthly support group for TRANS+ people in South Devon.

Leeds Bi Group £1,230 Printing and launch event for a printed Bi Allies Guide and a related flyer for children and young people.

Rainbow Home (North East England) £4,812 Preparatory work towards the creation of a development plan for engaging LBT women in this organisation supporting LGBT+ asylum seekers and refugees.

Space Youth Project £8,767 Creating robust and usable development plans, improving systems and increasing voluntary member and team participation involving in young people at all stages.

Out of the Can £6,500 Creation of new youth sessions including creating a community café run by young people.

Rainbow Noir £2,000 Workshops, volunteer expenses, venue hire and website costs to attract more members to a social and support group.

Kingston LGBT Forum £975 Monthly social opportunities for older LGBT+ people.

Unmuted £1,980 Monthly meetups, workshops and an intergenerational event for BAME LGBT+ people.

New Family Social £9,788 Formalising systems and improving recruitment, stewardship and retention of members to improve income and sustainability.

Proud2Be CIC £6,566 ‘Us Included’ project giving young LGBT+ people the opportunity to record their experiences of growing up in rural Devon.

Manchester Village Spartans RUFC £5,500 Develop guidance for trans inclusion in rugby clubs to be rolled-out to the other 16 LGBT Rugby Clubs in England.

Educate & Celebrate £3,200 Development of infrastructure for understanding and evidencing impact.

Stonewall Housing £7,551 Support for the ‘House of Stonewall’ ambassadors programme.

London Friend £9,500 Strategic work to communicate impact and improve engagement with funders, commissioners and supporters.

House of Rainbow £8,000 Strategy days and follow up to strengthen this organisation supporting BAME LGBTQ+ communities.

Deaf LGBTIQA £5,980 Consultation work to establish Deaf LGBTIQA to be responsive to the needs of the community and ensure it is user-led from the start.

Learnest CIC £7,770 Confidence workshops and one to one employment advice for LGBT+ people, particularly trans and non-binary people.

ParaPride £8,145 Support for a winter showcase including performances by LGBTQ people with disabilities.

X2y Youth Group £8,000 Work to upskill staff and trustees as well as identifying new sources of income.


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