Gender Recognition Act Consultation

Westminster Government have now launched the much anticipated consultation on reforming the Gender Recognition Act. We have produced this page with useful information and guidance for Trans and LGBT organisations to be able to respond to the consultation.

The Consultation

This consultation is specifically about reforming the Gender Recognition Act (2004), which provides the legal provisions for how trans people have their gender identity legally recognised.

There has been mis-information in the public domain on this consultation going further and including legislation such as the Equality Act--It does not! This is solely about this one piece of important legislation that being nearly 15 years old is in need of urgent reform.

Many advances have been achieved in the gender identity field in this time and the current GRA does not reflect the best practice and forward thinking we are keen for the Government to adopt.

What Consortium Will Do

LGBT Consortium facilitates the Trans Organisations Network (TON). This network has around 50 trans-led organisations engaged and offers opportunities to share intelligence, developing new partnerships and ensure the voices of trans-led organisations are heard. All our work during the consultation period will be informed by the thinking of our TON Members. 

We will be encouraging both trans-led organisations, as well as wider LGBT organisations, to respond to this consultation. We will also be encouraging all of our Members to get individuals they work with to respond in their own right. 

Over the next few days we will be publishing further information, based on the consultation questions as they are published, on our approach to answering the questions. This will provide useful information and background to the question as well as our position. We will post the link to these pages shortly. 

We will also be coordinating as much activity as possible with our other Members who have prepared their own resources for the consultation (e.g. Stonewall and The LGBT Foundation). The most important thing during this period is that we try to develop common messages that increase the chances of seeing the changes we most need, including:

  • Creating a much more streamlined and simpler process for the recognition of someone's gender identity
  • Giving trans people the right to self-determination
  • A system that does not require a medical diagnosis to get an individual's identity legally recognised
  • Recognition of non-binary identities
  • Supporting trans and non-binary young people, for instance lowering the age of recognition.

We will publish our own submission to the consultation on this page so others can use this as an approach should they wish.


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