Collaborative Opportunities

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Collaborative working is at the heart of everything we do and with approx. 300 Members ranging in size and capacity we believe that all of them should have the chance to participate in our nationally driven, local delivered projects.

By telling us about your LGBT group when you join, we can form a good picture of the work you do and where your experience and interest lay. Based on this information (and through your group opting into our specialist networks) we will ensure that the right opportunities for collaborate projects get to your group. 

We have brought in approx. £1.5 million into the sector through our collaborative bids which include our most recent and/or current collaborative projects:

  • LGBT London  - funded by City Bridge Trust as part of a three-year project, in partnership with GMFA/HERO we will be creating and managing an online directory/mapping tool of LGBT services across London. This project will also allow us to provide focused capacity-building and general support to LGBT voluntary and community organisations across London. 
  • Anti-Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Bullying Alliance - a collaborative project made up of 11 Members funded by Government Equalities Office
  • Still Out There – a collaborative research project exploring LGBT Londoners’ unmet needs, made up of 5 Members, funded by Trust For London
  • Hate Crime Initiative – a collaborative project made up of 30 Members funded by the EHRC (this project is complete and is now the Hate Crime Network)
  • LGBT Academic and Research Project – a collaborative project exploring LGBT Research and how academics work with the LGBT Sector – made up of 4 Members and 4 universities and funded by Public Health England and the GEO.  


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