LGB&T Dorset Equality Network

The Objectives of the network are to:

a) To engage in a critical friend and advisory capacity with private, public and third-sector bodies including (but not limited to): private companies, charitable and voluntary sector organisations, local authorities, health and social care service providers, and Police, Fire and Ambulance services, with regard to the safety and freedom from prejudice of LGB&T people in Dorset and the surrounding areas, including lobbying for the Triangle (Bournemouth) to be turned in to a Safe Zone.

b) To facilitate, support and develop the Bournemouth Dorset & Poole NHS services related critical friend ‘LGB&T Health Advisory Group’.

c) To raise awareness of LGB&T issues, among the public generally and within the aforementioned bodies specifically, to promote solutions to those issues including (but not limited to) the provision of dedicated services and support within non-dedicated services for the LGB&T communities and related sub-groups.

d) To assist the development of existing & future programmes, initiatives and services with a view to maximising their value to members of LGB&T communities in Dorset.

e) To act as a forum for the discussion of LGB&T issues and to lobby private, public and third sector bodies on those issues, how they are addressed and how they are monitored.

f) To be an independent pan-Dorset voice and mechanism for LGB&T equality and related advocacy, lobbying and signposting in areas including (but not limited to): education, employment, criminal justice, health, social care and to initiate and develop projects within those areas.

g) To support and/or develop initiatives and projects that celebrate LGB&T cultures and their related socio-cultural heritages (including, for example, a plaque or other form of commemorative landmark to be placed in the ‘Triangle’ area of Bournemouth to celebrate the latter as the historic heart of LGB&T Bournemouth), and to support arts initiatives and projects that celebrate the special relationship that LGB&T communities have with the arts in all their forms.

h) Work and collaborate with other groups and organisations, both LGB&T, and also other broader equality & diversity and human rights supporting groups & organisations at the local, regional and national levels that share the same or similar values and objectives as the Network.

i) To support the initiation and development of a pan-Dorset LGB&T Equality ‘Council’ to be comprised of stakeholders and representatives of pan-Dorset LGB&T groups & organisations and members of all LGB&T communities.

Services provided for: 
Bisexual Men
People Over 50
Bisexual Women
BME/Black People
Gay Men
Lesbians/Gay Women
Trans People/People with gender histories
Key areas of work: 
Equal Opportunities/Discrimination
Health Care
Infrastructure/Community Development
Area of operation
South West
towns or cities
Contact details
07811 269 454
Flat 3 Chislehurst
Grosvenor Road
BH4 8BH Bournemouth, DOR


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