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Each month we shine the spotlight on one of our Members so that you can find out a little more about them and the amazing people behind the logos! This month we chat to Berkeley from The Diversity Trust

Group Stats:

  • Structure: Not-for-profit limited company.
  • Est: 2012.
  • Mission: We work to reduce health inequalities experienced by LGBT+ people. Through our research, and local health needs assessments, we have found higher rates of anxiety and depression, self-harm, substance misuse and suicidal ideation within LGBT+ communities. We have gone on to deliver training with health care providers and font line health care workers to help to reduce these health inequalities.

The Diversity Trust was formed in 2012, when they recognised there was a gap in the West of England region for an organisation working on the equality and diversity agenda, and in particular, gaps in work with LGBT+ communities. This month we put Berkeley Wilde, Director of The Diversity Trust under the spotlight. 

LGBTC - How did you get involved with The Diversity Trust?

I set the company up and am a director. We currently have 6 directors and 6 associates. Most of the people in the organisation are LGBT+ including our directors and associates. We are very proud to be an LGBT+ led organisation.

LGBTC - What is your motivation?

It is my business and employs me as a consultant so I am highly motivated!

LGBTC - What do you think will be the biggest challenge for The Diversity Trust in 2016?

As always, funding will be our single biggest challenge this year. We have been funded through project funding and we are going seek core funding to keep us going and to develop as an agency over the next few years.

LGBTC - Do you have a recent success story that you would like to share with other Members?

We published our report into the experiences and barriers LGBT+ people have in accessing domestic abuse services. This was a year long research project working in partnership with our local domestic abuse service Next Link Housing.  We got supported by our local Police and Crime commissioner who had a strong focus on domestic violence and particularly wanted to hear about the experience of the “quiet voices”. We definitely made our voice heard!

LGBTC - What type of group is The Diversity Trust and why did you decide on this type of group?

We are a not-for-profit limited company. We set this structure up initially to protect the brand identity of the organisation. 

LGBTC -Please give us one positive and one negative aspect related to the type/structure of your group

Setting the structure up was relatively easy. This just meant registering the company and now each year we have to file our accounts with Companies House, we have an accountant who helps us to do this. We also complete a short annual return on the Companies House website.

We do hold an AGM each year, we also produce a regular newsletter, and we are planning our annual report. These are things we chose to do rather than having to do for Companies House.

The downside of not being a charity is that we are unable to go for some larger grant funding but we do access small grant funding and we get regularly commissioned through project funding. Most of our clients are organisations like the NHS and local authorities, although charities buy our services too.

LGBTC - Please give us an example of how you use your Membership with LGBT Consortium.

We have taken part in the Government Equality Office (GEO) round table events, which have been really useful. We took part in the mental health and young people and domestic abuse round tables. Both events are core to our work and were really useful. The main benefit of being a member of the LGBT Consortium is networking and meeting other people doing similar work. The newsletter is also really useful and very informative.

LGBTC - What one piece of advice would you give to our Members who are just starting out?

Use your existing networks and tell everyone about what you are doing. Contacts are so useful in developing any organisation.

LGBTC - What one thing would you like to hear about from other LGBT Consortium Members?

Case studies on how larger LGBT organisations developed and how they accessed funding.

If you would like to share information or knowledge with The Diversity Trust or any of our Members, or would like us to shine our spotlight on your group - please get in touch


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