LGB&T Police Advice Surgery

Monday, March 12, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:00

For many years, Greater Manchester Police have been providing a support service to the LGBT community in Manchester and have committed to providing a regular service at LGBT Foundation, in the form of a drop-in surgery here at the Community Resource Centre

GMP Community PCs and Support Officers will be available to help with any issues you feel the police can help with such as hate crime, domestic violence, bullying, nuisance neighbours and homophobia.

If you feel uneasy about calling the police or asking for their support, and would like to speak to them in a safer, supportive environment – this free advice surgery at LGBT Foundation is for you.

Here are just two of the people we have helped though the police advice surgery;

David’s Story

David* had experienced homophobic and racist abuse in the village, and wanted to report it.
However he was worried about speaking to the police as he didn’t want them going to his house, as he was concerned about being identified by his neighbours.

David came to the police surgery to speak about these issues in a safe and confidential environment.

He also went onto access our counselling service which had a positive impact on his mental wellbeing.

Jane’s Story

Jane has been a victim of a number of verbal homophobic attacks and was concerned that these would escalate as she often worked late shifts, ending after midnight.

Jane had reported the homophobic attacks to the police but felt that she wasn’t getting the support she needed. Although the police were logging the crimes, as they were happening in her house, she was told needed to speak to her housing association as it was a matter to be resolved through them.

We worked with Jane to find out more about the Housing Association and their neighbour nuisance polices. Jane then spoke to them and made an appointment to help resolve the issue.

Alongside the police we printed off the policies, and helped Jane understand what the Housing Association was obliged to do.

After speaking to the Housing Association, Jane then came back to access our free legal surgery to get further information and support, as well as coming back to the police surgery to understand some of the issues.

The Police also gave Jane advice regarding safety in the home and keeping a log of the abuse. We also helped her craft a letter to her employer describing the situation, what action had been taken, and to inform her employers of any impact on her work.

Jane also went onto access counselling and support, which had a very positive impact on her wellbeing. Jane now attends one of our groups.

*Names changed due to the sensitive nature of the subjects.

When is it on?

The police advice surgery is held on the 2nd Monday of every month between 6pm and 8pm at LGBT Foundation.

No appointment is necessary just come along on the night.

For more information, call us on 0345 3 30 30 30 from 10am-10pm every day or email info@lgbt.foundation

LGBT Foundation
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Manchester • M1 3HF


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