LGBT Resilience


A Snap Shot of the LGBT Sector

We are pleased to launch our “Snap Shot of the LGBT Sector” report, which represents information and data direct from our diverse Membership and reflects their realities.

We already capture data on the income levels of our Members during our Annual Member Survey, but this new report has allowed us to explore how incomes have fluctuated, both upwards and downwards. Our Members tell us that they consistently struggle to find and secure funding to run their vital services and in the last 12 months the majority of our Engagement Team’s work centred around giving guidance and support on securing income.

LGBT Leaders Statement on EU Referendum

The LGBT Chief Executives Network has issued a Statement on the future of LGBT issues across the United Kingdom. This statement has been issued as a result of the EU Referendum. Read the Statement here and see who has signed up to it. We encourage other LGBT organisations to sign up to the Statement so please get in touch with us on to add your organisation's signature.

Update 13th June 2016. 

In the wake of recent tragic events targeting LGBT communities in Orlando, we believe that the #LGBTResilience campaign in more pertinent than ever. On behalf of our Members and The Consortium Team we offer our support and solidarity to our friends and allies in the US and beyond.  

A Resilient LGBT Sector?

Read our response to the recent closures of LGBT groups here 

The Road to LGBT Sector Resilience 

Last week we wrote an article following news that another of our Member organisations, Broken Rainbow, had ceased operations with immediate effect. This was in addition to other Members who had already ceased operations over the last few months. It has led us to have many conversations across the Consortium team, and with Members, and the thing that really comes across from all these conversations is that everyone is passionate about seeing LGBT organisations not only survive, but thrive. Not just the largest ones, not just the smallest ones, every single one. Every Member provides an important service to those they work with and now is the time to start thinking collectively about how we can achieve sustainability for a diverse range of organisations to flourish. 

We have already proven that we are a sector that embraces resilience by coming together to work on a range of issues (e.g. the National LGB&T Partnership, the National Hate Crime Partnership, the Trans Organisations Network) and new services are constantly being developed to meet the needs of LGBT individuals. We believe there is a need to take this to the next level and lead the way for the wider voluntary and community sector, in showing how effectively the LGBT sector can respond to the need for more streamlined and responsive services, to provide even greater value for money in the services run, to effect real change for the lives of LGBT individuals and communities and to truly collaborate in doing all of this so maximum impact can be achieved. 

Our team has some ideas already on how to achieve some of this, but as your umbrella body we want to ensure we respond to the thoughts and views of Members, so we will be undertaking work over the coming months to support you, to listen, and most importantly to take action. 

What We Are Doing: 

As you may have noticed, our theme for all our work in this area is LGBT Resilience. In difficult times, many organisations can get lost in everything that is happening around them. We believe the LGBT sector is different and that during tough times that is when the passion that drives us all comes out the most. We can look at things in new ways, adapt quickly and effectively communicate our messages. This is some of the work we are/will be doing to drive a prosperous LGBT sector.

Understanding the state of the sector

Resource Development

Roundtables & Roadshows

Impact Data

Sector Investment


Our Top Tips for LGBT organisations 

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