Member Spotlight: The List LGBT Network

Each month we shine the spotlight on one of our Members so that you can find out a little more about them and the amazing people behind the logos! This month we chat to Leni Candan from one of our new Member organisations, The List LGBT Network

Group Stats:
Joined: March 2016
Structure: Unincorporated Association
Mission: To provide networking opportunities for the LGBT+ community in London.  

The List LGBT Network initially started a couple of years ago as a networking group for gay men. It was relaunched in March 2016 as The List LGBT Network, a voluntary community organisation with an aim to provide social and community events for the whole of London’s LGBT+ community.

We put Leni under the Spotlight to find out about The List LGBT Networks new team and direction.

LGBTC - How did you get involved with The LIst LGBT Network?

Myself and my Co-Chair Diana were volunteer managers for Pride in London between 2013-2016, and we attended List Network events as part of our role. Then, around six months ago we were approached by the then manager of the List Network who asked us if we would take over the Network as he was no longer able to run it.

Diana and I decided to take on this challenge and widen the scope of the Network to include the whole of London’s LGBT+ community. And here we are!

LGBTC - What motivates you to be involved with the Network?

A lot of people we met through volunteering within the London LGBT+ community have told us they find it really difficult to meet people. A big part of London’s LGBT+ scene revolves around clubbing and drinking, and going out on your own and making friends in that sort of environment is intimidating, sometimes even impossible!

My main motivation is to provide events with a safe and welcoming environment where people can widen their social networks without feeling pressured and stressed out.

LGBTC - What do you think will be the biggest challenge for the Network is over the next 12 months?

The List Network in its previous form was aimed at gay men. We have relaunched it as a fully LGBT+ inclusive community organisation. Our biggest challenge will be to widen our reach within the LGBT+ community. We are currently looking for volunteer Community Outreach Officers to help us do this.

Funding will also be a challenge. We are entirely self-funded - we rely on the donations of our supporters and sponsors to keep the Network running. One of our main priorities at the moment is to recruit a Fundraising and Sponsorship Manager who can help us increase sponsorship.

LGBTC - Do you have a recent success story that you would like to share with other Members?

In April we held the List LGBT Volunteering Fair, our very first event as the revamped List LGBT Network. We were joined by 14 LGBT+ charities and community groups, and the feedback we had from stall holders and guests was very positive.

LGBTC - What type of group is The List  LGBT Network and why did you decide on this?

We are currently a Community Organisation [aka Unincorporated Association] as we are very small and only starting out, with limited resources.

LGBTC - Please give us one positive and one negative aspect related to being an unincorporated community group.

Setting up as a Community Organisation was very easy, but it does limit our sponsorship opportunities as we are not a registered Charity.

LGBTC - How do you use your Membership with LGBT Consortium.

We have only just joined the LGBT Consortium. We are really happy to be a part of the Consortium and we look forward to taking advantage of some of the benefits being a Member offers.

LGBTC - What one piece of advice would you give to our Members who are just starting out?

Starting out can be hard work at first, there are times when it all becomes too much and you think about giving up, especially if funds are tight. When that happens I think of the people who have come up to me at our events and said:

“Thank you for doing this, coming to these events has really made a difference in my life.” This makes it all worthwhile.

LGBTC - What one thing would you like to hear about from other LGBT Consortium Members?

I’d like to hear more about the challenges of running a wholly voluntary organisation and how people overcome these.

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