10 Years since Section 28: Schools Out Promotes Pink against Prejudice

Monday, October 28, 2013 - 14:30

Schools Out is running a ‘Pink Promotion’ to commemorate the 10 year anniversary since the repeal of Section 28. They are urging everyone, particularly those involved in education, to wear pink on the 18th November 2013 or to turn their profiles pink and get Twitter talking about #S28pink.

Section 28 was the law that banned the ‘promotion’ and ‘publication’ of anything that supported a LGBT ‘pretend lifestyle’ in UK schools. The impact of such a law was to strictly limit discussion about different types of family units, gender and sexual orientation that exists and therefore maintains barriers to the acknowledgement and acceptance of those differences.

Schools Out has chosen the colour pink for the 10 year anniversary as pink is associated with diversity and the LGBT community since it was reclaimed from its use to identify homosexual men under Nazi Germany. Pink therefore also embodies opposition to Section 28.

Schools Out is asking all UK schools to go pink against prejudice on the 18th November, and teachers to teach from the free National Curriculum-linked lesson-plan site that has a pink logo ‘The Classroom’ www.the-classroom.org.uk. This will ensure that teachers will be ‘usualising’ and ‘actualising’ LGBT people and is applicable to all ages, all key stages and all subject areas.

Sarah Barton, Head of Expressive Arts Turves Green Girls Schools highlighted the positive impact of such an approach: ‘I trained as a teacher under section 28 and it has cast such a very long shadow over many years. At the Birmingham Educate and Celebrate showcase in 2013, Section 28 was finally laid to rest for me by the kids from Perry Beeches, Turves Green Girls and Ninestiles never to rear its ugly head again.’


This pink promotion will resonate internationally as many countries still suffer from the legacy of homophobic/transphobic laws resulting from colonial occupation by Britain. The pink promotion is therefore is a chance for everyone to celebrate diversity and send out the clear message from every classroom and workplace in Britain – Section 28: Never Again.

Sue Sanders, Co-Chair of Schools Out encouraged people to get involved: ‘We are asking that you join us in wearing pink, turning your profile pink or by taking a picture of yourself holding a simple message that reflects this promotion on 18th November. Please send these to @SchoolsOUTUK1 and #S28pink so we can continue to raise the standard of equality teaching and inclusion in our schools through resources such as The Classroom and Educate and Celebrate, including training programmes delivered by Elly Barnes.’

To advertise the Pink Promotion download the following schools Out Promotional Poster

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