1st LGBT National History Festival is a success!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 20:45

Dear Friends

We wanted to let you know that we at Schools OUT UK had a very successful 1st festival of LGBT History this year. You can see a short film about the events held in Manchester in February, the festival being a major part.

We are already thinking about next year and we will be sending out a call for papers and presentations once the venues and the dates next February have been decided. It is clear that people are keen to come to such events, as we had over 1000 attendees over the weekend seeing and hearing  presenters and speakers from Europe, Asia and North America.

It is vital we learn what has gone before in our LGBT community so we can:

  • Claim our History
  • Celebrate our Present
  • and Create our own Future.

I hope you will be part of next year's festival and we would love to hear what you did this February. This year was our tenth and we have grown over the years, learned a great deal on how to make the month a success and seen with gratitude so many people create events .

We made the theme History this year and there are resources on the website about some key figures.

Next year we will have as our theme Religion, Belief and Philosophy; so we can help people explore how religion has been both a problem and a joy to many in our community.

The following year it is the 50th anniversary of the 1967 act which partially decriminalized homosexuality, so our theme will be Law and Citizenship. LGBT History Month was shortlisted for an award this year from the British LGBT Awards and we hope to win, so all the thousands of people around the country that have worked so hard over the last ten years to make February memorable and exciting can be recognised.

In the mean time enjoy a little snippet of what went on in February in Manchester.

Also check out LGBTV for other coverage of the festival: http://lgbtv.co.uk


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