Call for Papers – LGBT Issues

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 16:00

As part of the Youth Voice Journal’s special issues in 2018, the editors of the Youth Voice Journal invite submission of abstracts for this Special Issue to be guest edited by Dr Jason Schaub, University of Birmingham. 

(This Call for Papers is also downloadable as a PDF should you wish to share amongst your networks)

Issues impacting on LGBT communities

2017 marks 50 years of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in the UK – a landmark event. This milestone demonstrated the considerable change to legislation during the past half century, but society’s views (and people’s lives) change more slowly. Young people still experience significant homo- and transphobia, both in and out of school (Hafford-Letchfield et al, 2017). LGBT young people are more likely than other ages to identify widespread discrimination based on sexual orientation and are less likely to be ‘out’ to those in their personal and professional lives (ILGA-2015). Because sexuality is fundamental to self and identity (Weeks, 2003), these challenges can impact significantly on young people’s lives and their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Young people all over the world today face unique challenges in a constantly evolving global society. In this upcoming issue the Youth Voice Journal will provide special attention on issues for LGBT young people. As a result we encourage innovate research and submissions centred on the views of young people on issues such as young people’s views on politics, youth identity and youth led-research.

Information about Youth Voice Journal

The Youth Voice Journal is an international, multidisciplinary and peer reviewed journal specialising in publishing theoretical contributions and empirical research on issues affecting young people all over the world. The Youth voice journal is indexed by Scopus and also a member of COPE to ensure we adhere to codes of conduct for journal editors and our work is of the highest standard possible.  The journal also publishes case studies and book reviews. The YVJ is managed by an independent Editorial Board and seeks to provide a reference source for academia, policy makers and youth services internationally.

The Youth Voice Journal is published by IARS Publications, a small non profit publishing house specialising in social sciences and the publication of cutting edge research impacting on young people, human rights, restorative justice and crime.


If you are interested in contributing to this special issue of YVJ, please consult our Author Guidelines and Editorial Policy. This page outlines all key information (including word count, formatting etc.). To submit an article or for any queries contact the guest editor – All submissions must be received before 15 November 2017. We aim to have all manuscripts to be peer-reviewed within a 4-6 week timeframe before being accepted for publication, which is expected to coincide with LGBT History Month in February 2018. Please note that the Youth Voice Journal is currently only published online.


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