Equal Marriage anyone...?

Monday, July 15, 2013 - 21:00

The Equal Marriage Bill passed through the House of Lords and is becoming a reality!!!

Last week the third reading of the Equal Marriage Bill began in the House of Lords with two long days of debate of amendments and finished today when a set of amendments surrounding pensions and survivors rights were passed as was the Bill!

A total of 23 amendments have been made to the bill, 17 of which were made in The Lords but the bill remains relatively unscathed despite several ‘wrecking’ amendments that were dropped after being fiercely debate.

Now the bill will be sent back to House of Commons so that they can consider the amendments made tonight - although it is certainly not done and dusted -  there is a  chance we could be up for a game of parliamentary ping pong (when it gets sent back and forth) and then the queen needs to sign on the dotted line!  

History in the making...hope so!

LGBT Consortium are very proud to have worked with the Government on the Equal Marriage consultation process and have enjoyed tweeting with the likes of The Campaign for Equal Marriage, Stonewall and The LGF until 1 in the morning – kudos to all who worked tirelessly to make it nearly a reality!


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