Equal Marriage; the story so far...

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 16:00

Our Equal Marriage news coverage so far...

10th July: second day of report stage before final vote on 15th!
8th July: Report stage for the House of Lords
4th June: Second reading approved in the Lords!

The House of Lords has voted against Lord Dear's 'wrecking amendment' and so the Equal Marriage Bill can move onto the next stage! 

The vote, which took place at 7pm on Tuesday 4th June, came out 390 against Lord Dear's amendment and 148 for the amendment - (this is a good result!). So now the Bill can move on to the Lords Committee stage before it can mount its final hurdle. YAY! 

This is a massive victory in the journey for the Equal Marriage Bill and we weren’t always sure it was going to happen...especially after listening to so many Lords react so negatively to equal marriage throughout the two day debate (not for the faint hearted we can tell you!) 

31st May update; Third reading approved now onto the Lords...

Drum roll please - the ayes have the vote on the third reading of the equal marriage bill in today vote! 

Now the Bill will move along upstream to the Lords and we shall continue in our quest to locate those aggressive homosexual communities.

20th May update

. As the equal marriage bill debate rages on… it looks like it should proceed through Parliament unhindered after ministers reached an agreement with Labour over plans to open up Civil Partnership to opposite sex couples.
Conservative Minister Tim Loughton proposed a clause which would have extended civil partnerships to opposite sex couples. The clause looked like it might block the whole bill but, what was labelled the wrecking clause, was defeated by a majority of 305 votes.

Apparently Loughton has rejected claims the move was a "wrecking" measure, arguing that the extension of civil partnerships to co-habiting heterosexuals would address a "glaring inequality" in the current proposals. We at Consortium agree that civil partnerships should be equal for all but find it funny that Mr Loughton did not seem so concerned over equality when it actually came to voting on the equal marriage bill at the first reading – but maybe that’s just us being cynical.

Speaking yesterday, Maria Miller thanked people for their  "unwavering support" adding that a review of civil partnerships could take place "very swiftly". Surely though, the star of the show was Gerald Howarth MP who said the plans were "divisive" and suggested there were are plenty of people "in the aggressive homosexual community who see this as but a stepping stone to something even further".

We have yet to locate these aggressive homosexuals but will keep you up to date with our progress.
The debate will continue today - with its third reading - the final hurdle in the Commons (for now) before it proceeds to the Lords – where we suspect it will face yet more opposition.
Other Clauses that lost the vote –
An amendment to ‘protect’ the religious beliefs of a person who believes that marriage is a ‘Man- Woman union’ by classified them as a Protected Characteristic - voted against by 201 majority.
A proposal that would have allowed civil registrars to opt out of presiding over same sex marriages on grounds of conscience - lost by a majority of 190 votes.

April 2013 update - Equal Marriage debate resumed in the Commons

The Marriage (same sex) bill’s remaining stages will be debated next week in the House of Commons.
The bill is due to have its report stage and third reading on Monday and Tuesday and if it is approved on 21 May, it will then pass to the Lords for further scrutiny.

LGBT Consortium will be following all of the events and hope to be keeping you up to date on Twitter & Facebook - if you’re not following us already... go right on and follow us @LGBTConsortium



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