Getting To Know Ourselves - Will You Share Your Story?

Friday, June 9, 2017 - 12:00

The London Irish LGBT Network have received a small Emigrant Support Grant to gather stories of our community (and/or its parts). They have been recording interviews with a view to producing a printed (and online) book, a set of audio podcasts online and some video podcasts. 

In February, they gathered to hear an edited extract from four early interviews. Two of those interviewed had been born in the 1960s and two in the 1980s.  Their stories had some similarities and many unique aspects. While some assume that it was always harder long ago, they heard of a German woman sending news of her local LGBT group to a Waterford lesbian encountered in France, whose family were fine about her sexuality, but who had no information about support. Other young people reported families still uncomfortable acknowledging their sexual orientation.  

The London Irish LGBT Network realise that Irish Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender people in London have had few opportunities to hear one another's stories. Both the national and the sexual identities have been under pressure for a good part of living memory. This creates an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. 

A small group have been recording interviews and The London Irish LGBT Network would like to include people born in different decades and different provinces or of Irish descent, born in the UK. "Whether you think your story is 'typical' or 'unusual', together we make up the patchwork which is 'us'. Help us piece it together for ourselves. We need more people to share their stories with us."

Contact The London Irish LGBT Network if you would like to be part of Getting To Know Ourselves.



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