International Human Rights Day

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 11:45

Today we celebrate International Human Rights Day, the date the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. LGBT Consortium is proud to be supporting an open letter drawn up by the British Institute of Human Rights, calling upon all politicians to acknowledge the continued relevance of human rights work both here in the UK and abroad. This letter has been published in several national newspapers today.
This day is also made more prominent given the world will celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela at the memorial service in South Africa today—what better way of highlighting the importance of human rights work across the globe.

So sixty-five years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Right and Leaders of civil society groups have been asking political leaders in an open letter. Those representing groups and volunteers have expressed their concern that the value of human rights, rarely feature in the current Westminster rhetoric. In their joint letter - the voluntary groups (which includes Consortium)  who represent millions of people across the country – ask our political leaders:

“…to ensure the UK’s recent commitments at the United Nations Human Rights Council to ‘work tirelessly for the promotion and protection of human rights, both domestically and abroad’ are made a reality.”

“We hope that the UK will stand firm on the European Convention on Human Rights and our Human Rights Act…providing vital protections to everyone here at home. There is much to do to ensure these human rights have meaning for all people in the UK; our political debates and action should focus on making this happen rather than taking us away from the universal human rights standards long-championed by the UK.”

BIHR are hosting the parliamentary launch of the Human Rights Charter today. If you would like to find out more about the Charter and the launch please contact Woody on 0207 883 5850


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