Keep Hope Alive--LGBT Russia Campaign

Monday, September 2, 2013 - 09:45

ILGA Europe have just released details of a new campaign to help organisation's wanting to do something to support our Russian neighbours who are facing unprecedented discrimination and oppression.

Check out the campaign video here

We are calling on you to reach out to world leaders to address the current human rights situation in Russia in the context of the G20.

Following the global outcry around the introduction of homosexuality anti-propaganda legislation, we are now calling on organisations that want to support the Russian LGBTI movement to take a minute to look at our materials. Our materials are designed to help widen the messaging to address violations targeting various minorities and the wide clampdown on civil society organising. It will hopefully support the building of wide coalitions targeting the human rights situation in Russia. This should help prevent that the LGBTI community in Russia is further isolated and scapegoated, and instead is positioned in the middle of civil society organising.

We and many Russian activists are concerned about the current narrow focus on the LGBTI community, as human rights violations affect many people in Russia. This campaign thus is designed to stand in solidarity with each other, as only if we work together we can start to change the current tide in Russia. In short, messaging around the negative developments in Russia should not just focus on the ‘anti-gay laws’, but address the systematic violence targeting various minorities and the broader clampdown on civil society organising in Russia. With this, we hope to support the LGBTI community moving out of its isolation and to not feed into the scapegoating agenda.

What you can you concretely do to support and use the campaign:

  • Approach your governments to address the human rights situation in Russia around the G20 Leaders’ Summit, taking place on September 5 and 6 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Even if your country is not a member of the G20, you can still reach out to your government to ask attention for the human rights situation in Russia in the context of the Leaders’ Summit, or to pressure other friendly states to do so.
  • Use ILGA-Europe’s briefing note on the human rights situation of LGBTI people and other minority groups in Russia to build your messaging. Additional resources can be found here at ILGA-Europe’s web-section on Russia and documentation of Human Rights Violations by our Russian members. These documents can be used beyond the G20 actions in support of any other campaigns and actions that you are planning and organising.  
  • Distribute the joint press release (see below) to your media contacts to support this campaign
  • Place the video on your social media, this can happen from 12.00pm CET tomorrow;
  • Place the viral photo’s on your social media (the files in our web folder clearly identify which image can be released on which date. Please do not publish the images before the indicated dates!)
  • Refer ‘Keep Hope Alive’ campaign whenever useful: Facebook: and VK:

Details for twitter: Campaign hashtag: #RussiaKeepHopeAlive


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