LGBT Consortium urge Cabinet Office to reconsider anti-lobbying clause

Friday, May 13, 2016 - 12:15

LGBT Consortium have teamed up with Voice4Change and the Charities Finance Group to urge the Cabinet Office to reconsider their Anti Lobbying clause.  

The clause would prevent charities from using taxpayer-funded grants to lobby the government or parliament. But there are fears that that clause could have a negative impact LGBT people as well as on disabled and BAME people. The Letter outlines concerns that If the clause is approved then charities that work with minority people and communities will be unable to share research or project findings with Government; 

"This clause will have a significant negative impact on the public, restricting the ability of charities to inform policy makers within government and Parliament.

We are particularly concerned about the impact that this will have on disadvantaged groups such as those with disabilities, those from black and ethnic minority backgrounds and those from LGBT communities. These groups are often adversely impacted by government policies due to a lack of communication and consultation between policy makers about the needs of these groups. A lack of available and credible data on many minority communities also impact on their abilities to be fully accounted for as policy develops."

The Government recently suspended the clause - more news as and when we have it! 


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