LGBT+ Futures

Friday, February 1, 2019 - 09:15

Consortium is excited to announce a new programme of activity for LGBT+ organisations working across England.

The Government Equalities Office has contracted Consortium to deliver a small grants programme and accompanying Skills Development and Training Programme for LGBT+ organisations.

The Grants Programme will open on Weds 6th February, offering LGBT+ organisations the opportunity to apply for funding to enable them to work with underrepresented communities and to develop their organisation to become more sustainable. The Skills Development and Training Programme will, in partnership with several of our Members, offer a wide range of training, support, peer learning and networking in order to equip LGBT+ organisations with the tools and resources they need to deliver their valuable work in a more sustainable way. This free programme will all be delivered under the banner of LGBT+ Futures. 

Paul Roberts OBE, Consortium Chief Executive said, "We are delighted to be awarded this Contract. Consortium has been supporting LGBT+ organisations for over 20 years and this marks the beginning of a new chapter in which take our offer of support to the next level for even more organisations. We want to see an LGBT+ Sector that is strong, sustainable and resilient for the future. This work will enable us to inject funding into organisations who want to have lasting a impact in their communities.

Paul went on to say, "Whilst the small grants can only be made to organisations delivering activity in England, we haven't forgotten our Members across Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Skills Development and Training Programme is open to any LGBT+ organisation delivering activity in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland and we will be hosting a roundtable in late Spring to explore how Consortium can use this as leverage to bring more support into other parts of the UK. We encourage our Members in those parts of the UK to have a chat about what they would like to see Consortium doing to better support them". 

For further information on the LGBT+ Futures Programme click here or click here to contact our team.


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