Member Spotlight: TAGS

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 16:45

Each month we shine the spotlight on one of our Members so that you can find out a little more about them and the amazing people behind the logos! 

This month we are shining the Spotlight on TAGS: Trans* and Gender Non-conforming Swimmers.  

Group Stats:

Joined LGBT Consortium: May 2014.
Structure: TAGS recently developed into a Community Interest Company.
Mission: TAGS is set up to provide swimming and leisure spaces for the Transgender community in the UK.

Roberta Frances, who was recently profiled in the Huffington Post, helped set the group up in 2014 with her friend. They are based in London but over 2015 have worked tirelessly to expand the initiative further afield. TAGS now have swimming spaces in Birmingham and Leicester. The group are also excited about the proposed expansion in Belfast and Reading.

We put Roberta under the spotlight for 5 minutes to talk to her about the group and what drives her to be involved. 

LGBTC: What motivated you to be involved with TAGS?

"Swimming is a basic human right and something that while taken for granted by those outside the trans* and non-binary community it can be very difficult to still access spaces.

As a very marginalised community, accessing sports and leisure spaces can be extremely difficult for the trans* community. A simple activity, taken for granted by many outside the trans* community, this being swimming, can be extremely daunting and a real challenge.

TAGS is overcoming many barriers and developing spaces in other parts of the UK. We also provide Yoga and have provided self-defence classes.”

LGBTC: What do you think will be the biggest challenge for TAGS will be in 2016?

“As we grow we will need to keep the spaces sustainable and will need funding to expand. Marketing can be a problem as our community is still very marginalised and we only want to advertise through appropriate channels as the safety of our community is paramount.  As project manager for TAGS I use the LGBT Consortium to advertise to help with funding research and new contacts.”

LGBTC: What one thing would you like to hear about from other LGBT Consortium Members?

It would be useful to hear about how other Members develop their projects and what obstacles they encountered whilst setting up and expanding.

LGBTC: Do you have any advice for new groups starting out?

“Just keep pushing for what you want. Build the foundation and make it grow”


You can find out lots more about TAGS and how to contact them by viewing their directory entry

Fancy putting your group under the spotlight for us? Contact Vicky for your 5 minutes of fame! 


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