METRO Charity launches new HIV campaign for gay and bisexual men in Men’s Health Month

Monday, July 8, 2013 - 17:45

METRO has launched a new HIV prevention video campaign called Fck Equal, aimed at men who have sex with men (MSM).
Fck Equal is an information campaign highlighting the increased risks of unprotected anal intercourse for receptive partners and calling on all men to reduce the risks and make sex equal by using condoms.  You can watch the video and find out more on METRO's website and support on the Fck Equal Campaign Facebook page
The campaign draws on international research that shows that receptive partners/‘bottoms’ are at least 7 times more likely to contract HIV through unprotected anal intercourse (UIA) than insertive partners/’tops’.
It also draws on METRO’s own local research showing that over half of men surveyed did not know or were unsure whether or not there were increased risks for receptive partners in UIA. The figure increases to 56% of men engaging in more risky sexual behaviour.
The campaign involves a colourful video animation of cartoon bottoms and penises with the message that using condoms reduces risk and makes sex equal.  The campaign is calling for safer sex equality between men to prevent HIV transmission including:
·               equal access to information
·               equal protection
·               equal responsibility
·               safer sex
 Dr Greg Ussher, METRO’s Deputy CEO said 'as rates of HIV and other STI infection amongst men who have sex with men continue to rise, we need to ensure that men have all the information they need to make safer choices and to reduce the risk of transmission.  Our local research tells us that a lot of men don't know that bottoms are so much more at risk and that not knowing can lead to riskier choices.  We want all men to have equal access to information in a language that they understand, to have equal protection, and to take equal responsibility for safer sex through condom use. I urge all men to watch the video, to know the facts, Fck Equal and to be regularly tested. Safer sex is everyone’s responsibility and only by working together will we halt the spread of HIV.



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