National HIV Testing Week

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 08:00

During National HIV Testing Week, organisations across England are to encourage gay men and African people in particular, to take an HIV test. This is because these are the people most at risk of getting HIV in the UK. Across England, organisations will offer more opportunities to test, both in clinics and in the community.

The week aims to:

  • Increase the numbers of gay men and African people taking an HIV test.
  • Raise awareness in the gay and African communities of the importance of testing.
  • Increase the number of opportunities to take a test at clinics and in the community.

If we can achieve these aims we will reduce the number of people who are diagnosed late with HIV and, as you well know, an early HIV diagnosis is easier to manage and reduces the risk of it being passed on to other people.

There is widespread support for National HIV Testing Week from other organisations, but we also need your support to make it a success!

You can support National HIV Testing Week by:

National HIV Testing Week is part of the HIV Prevention England (HPE) programme. Led by Terrence Higgins Trust with the support of five partner organisations (including our Member Yorkshire Mesmac), this programme is funded by the Department of Health for three years. The programme aims to reduce the number of late diagnoses by increasing HIV testing and supporting condom use and other behaviours to lower the risk of getting HIV.


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