National Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Week 2017: Access to Health Care

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 12:15

This week is the first National Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Week. 

Coordinated by the National LGB&T Partnership, an alliance of LGBT charities including LGBT Consortium, the week aims to address health inequalities and recognise some of the great work that is taking place around the country.   

The Week focusses on four key themes - so this week, each day we will highlight one of those themes.

Access to Health Care 

A recent report from the National LGB&T Partnership indicates that lesbian, bisexual and other women who have sex with women (LBWSW) experience a range of negative barriers and attitudes when accessing health care. Reasons for this include:

  • LBWSW’s sexual orientation being seen as the cause or trigger for nonrelated health issues
  • Healthcare providers making assumptions about their sexual orientation, often automatically assuming that they are heterosexual
  • Not feeling able to ‘come out’ to health professionals, or doing so and having the information ignored or their identity disrespected.
  • A lack of recognition from healthcare professionals for LBWSW’s relationships and next of kin.

Click here to download the information sheet on Access to Health Care and find out more and to explore how you can take action to improve your local services.

On Wednesday 15th there is a Twitter Q&A taking place - where partners involved in the week will be available to answer questions around lesbian, bisexual and women who have sex with women’s health needs. Sign in to Twitter between 11:00 - 12:00 to have your question answered. 


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