National Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Week 2017: Smoking & Alcohol

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 15:45

This week is the first National Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health Week. 

Coordinated by the National LGB&T Partnership, an alliance of LGBT charities including LGBT Consortium, the week aims to address health inequalities and recognise some of the great work that is taking place around the country.   

The Week focusses on 4 key themes, each day we explore one and today we are looking at Smoking & Alcohol: 

Available evidence suggests that LB women are likely to smoke more than heterosexual women. It also indicates that they drink alcohol at higher rates than heterosexual women, starting at a younger age and continuing into later life. Evidence has shown that:

  • 19% of lesbian and 19% of bisexual women drink more than seven alcoholic drinks a week compared to 12% of heterosexual women. 
  • LB women report more binge drinking at 29% compared to 12% in the general population of women. 
  • The proportion of women who smoke cigarettes is higher among women who are lesbian or bisexual (between 22 and 25%) compared with those who are heterosexual/straight (19%)
  • 32% of LB women are ex-regular smokers compared to 22% of heterosexual women

Click here to download the information sheet on Smoking & Alcohol and click here to explore how you can take action to improve your local services.


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