National Trans Youth Network Explores the Diversity of Trans Lives

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 15:45

The National Trans Youth Network (NTYN) brings together 37 organisations from across the UK, of which LGBT Consortium is proud to be one, that support trans young people, including those who are gender diverse, non-binary and non-gender.

The Network is proud to announce its Annual Conference in November. 

The Network aims to brighten the future for trans youth by: 

  • supporting the needs of trans young people and the groups that work on their behalf;
  • helping trans young people campaign for what they need and make contact with the influencers who can help them achieve what they need;
  • providing a space for professionals and volunteers to share best practice for working with trans young people, and learn from each other within the network as well as from wider organisations and people; 
  • providing opportunities where trans young people can come together to socialise, network, gain support and share ideas for a trans positive world.

Leia Smith, the network’s chair said, ‘The trans youth conferences create safe spaces in which trans young people can, accompanied by their youth workers, come together for mutual support, learning, campaigning and fun. It is well documented that self-harm remains high amongst trans young people, not least because of a society that still strongly polices gender identity and expression into two distinct categories, which is often reinforced by the media. The conference is one way in which trans young people can work positively together to challenge this.’

At this time when there is a growing media interest in trans lives and, particularly, trans young lives, the young people from the network voted to theme this year’s work around a campaign to educate members of the public on the diversity of trans lives, and to undertake local media campaigns to achieve this. The conference will be a chance for groups to share what they have achieved locally, as well as what they hope for the future for trans representation in the media. With contributions from All About Trans, Trans Media Watch, On Road Media and Lucky Tooth Films, this conference will be a great place for trans young people to learn more about the media industry and how they can shape it.

The 2017 conference will be held at Linklaters in London on 11 November, with capacity for 175 people. This event is for young trans people who will come together to meet each other and to take part in workshops and discussions. In allocating places at the conference, NTYN will give priority to them. So, regretfully, we may not be able to accommodate others who wish to attend.

Detailed planning and fund raising are now underway, and any support for this from organisations, media outlets or the general public would be very welcome. For all organisations that wish to become sponsors of the conference, and for all media enquiries email Bernard Reed, Treasurer of GIRES

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