A New Look for Switchboard

Friday, June 1, 2018 - 13:30

Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard launch their new brand and logo this month, aiming to give clarity to how they support local LGBTQ people.

CEO Daniel Cheesman said, "Last summer we engaged with the local LGBTQ communities through the ‘Your Switchboard needs you campaign’. It was clear that whilst people were aware of the long, 43 year, history of Switchboard, there was sense of not being sure of what we offer, other than the helpline."

"We have listened to this feedback and our new logo and brand aim to highlight all Switchboard projects under our new tag line ‘connecting you to LGBTQ support’. We want to tell people that Switchboard is a charity for LGBTQ people looking for a sense of community, support or information. We support them directly through specially developed services, or link them to other organisations."

One of the considerations of Switchboard was whether or not they should change their name, "we thought long and hard about changing the name. One of our challenges with the ‘Switchboard’ name is that some people only associate this with the helpline. We are very proud of the 43 years of service that the charity has provided to the community and the trust that comes along with this legacy and as such felt it was important to keep our name. Instead we are confident that our website, communications and logo will help us tell our story and communicate our offer in a more coherent and relevant way."

Switchboard has seen a lot of changes in the last 43 years and whilst life for LGBTQ people is very different today than it was in the 1970’s there is still much need for the charity. "There is misconception that with marriage equality and changes in legislation everything is now okay for LGBTQ people. There are still massive health inequalities and discrimination and hate crime remain a constant for LGBTQ people". Daniel hopes that the new look for Switchboard will help to promote the charity and highlight the support that exists for people who might be struggling, "connecting people to LGBTQ support is what we do, whether this is through our general or trans survivors helpline or one of our specific projects including the Health and Inclusion Project, Older LGBTQ Project, LGBTQ Disability Project and the Rainbow Cafe for those living with dementia. We are clearer about communicating what we do and how it supports and aligns with other organisations in the City."

To find out more about Switchboard visit: www.switchboard.org.uk


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