Office-less Working; A Case Study

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 17:00

Many of you may not know this, but here at LGBT Consortium we are entirely office-less so all our staff and volunteers are based at home and tend to use Members facilities where necessary.  

Since we have become office-less we have found that more and more organisations are heading that way too, so when the Big Assist asked us to share our experiences – we jumped at the chance. We produced a case study that plots our journey from being an organisation based in a London office to being made up entirely of remote workers.

We don’t profess to having all the answers, but we do think it important to share our experiences in order to help out anyone else thinking of embarking in that direction.

The case study looks at the basics; from what you suddenly do with all the stuff in the office - to where the post gets delivered!  

We look at the practicalities of working remotely and also the benefits – like when we need to have a meeting we try to hire space from one of our Members, so we are not only staying in touch with them but also putting back into our Membership!

We also talk about what didn’t go so well and what lessons we learnt that we can pass on to other organisations so that they can hit the office-less ground running!

Check it out here


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