A Resilient LGBT Sector?

Saturday, June 4, 2016 - 10:15

We are saddened to learn that another one of our Members, Broken Rainbow, has ceased operations. Their domestic violence and abuse service is not only important, it has proven vital for so many people. We are pleased to see that another of our Members, Galop, are to continue the helpline service that Broken Rainbow set up. 

With the demise of PACE and now Broken Rainbow, that is two high profile organisations that have had to cease operations just this year. However, we cannot forget the countless LGBT organisations right across the board who are struggling to survive and see a positive future. This doesn't mean that there isn't a positive and vibrant future out there , but we have to regroup as a whole LGBT sector and regain the front foot on how we move forward from difficult times. There is a wealth of evidence proving that the specialist services our sector provides are good value for money, are cost effective and provide LGBT people and communities with life changing services.

We cannot let more organisations disappear and we at LGBT Consortium will be leading conversations with a range of people (including Ministers, funders and other sectors) to better understand how we can flourish rather than diminish as times get tougher. By working together and co-producing services and coordinating our messaging, we can be more powerful and achieve greater things. The sector has proven that it can do this through initiatives like the National LGBT Hate Crime Partnership where 35 organisations from across England, Wales and Scotland partnered together to deliver on a range of hate crime work.

We also believe that we need to look to our own communities for more support. This means individuals, private sector organisations, our friends and our allies to look at how we can better support LGBT services so they can be there for those that need them long into the future. 

Resilience is important and something we believe that sector is good at. We are effective, we are passionate, we can evidence the need, and we all work in this sector to see real change. Never has there been a more important time to get those messages out there to those that have influence. 


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