Scotland Equal Marriage Update

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 12:00

Tim Hopkins, CEO of The Equality Network, has kindly given us an update on where the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill is at:

The Scottish Parliament has now started taking oral evidence on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill. The points we have been making about improvements needed to the bill (especially for trans people) have been noted, and were explored in some detail in last week’s oral evidence session, which was the first session. Opponents of the bill made points which will be very familiar to you if you followed the debates at Westminster or in any other country / state.

The Official Report of last week’s evidence session is here:

There will be more oral evidence this Thursday (more religious and belief groups with views ranging from in favour, through neutral, to opposed, plus Scotland for Marriage, and the Scottish Youth Parliament), and next week (lawyers). The last Thursday this month, the Committee are likely to take evidence from the Cabinet Secretary.

The large majority of the written evidence has not yet been published, but there is a summary in this report (pages 16 to 23):

As you can see, more than three quarters of the evidence submissions were in favour of same-sex marriage – thanks to everyone who made a submission.


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