Scotland votes YES to Equal Marriage

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 12:00

Yesterday Scotland became the 17th Country to legalise same sex marriage, after the Scottish Parliament voted for the bill with an overwhelming majority of 105 votes to 18!

105 votes to 18.
105 votes to 18.

LGBT Consortium Members, The Equality Network, have been tirelessly campaigning for equal marriage for over 6 years now along with other LGBT activits, campaigns and organisations. Whilst they celebrated yesterday they did add that equalising the law doesn’t guarantee an end to the barriers, prejudice and discrimination that LGBT people continue to face in society.

The Equality Network also pointed out that LGBT Organisations across England, Wales and Scotland all still have a great deal of progress to make to achieve full legal equality for trans and intersex people.

But for now... Congratulations to Scotland and to all those who tireless worked for this massive step towards equality!


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