Support us to Support the Sector

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 12:00

LGBT Consortium supports the largest network of LGBT groups, projects and organisations so when you support LGBT Consortium you support the sector and the LGBT communities in it.

Our work can never rely on grant funding alone and believe it or not we have never tried to raise funds from the public before.  This is partly because many people still don’t know who we are as our work takes place ‘behind the scenes’ through our support of groups and by working directly with Government departments & other agencies. We work hard  to represent the voice of our Members and an important part of that work is to work with funders to make sure that they understand the needs of LGBT+ groups and communities so that groups like yours can access grant funding and support.

Without support we cannot continue the work we do to develop and secure the LGBT sector for the future so we are asking our Members to spread the word and to invest in us and our work in the sector.

Details of how you can support the work we do can be found on our Virgin Giving page.



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