Trustees' Week

Monday, November 12, 2018 - 12:30

The 12th - 16th November is Trustees' Week.


Trustees' Week offers a chance to celebrate and show case the amazing work that Trustees do all year round. 

LGBT Consortium would like to thank its own amazing Trustees who volunteer their time and energy to sit on the board. You can find out more about LGBT Consortium's board of Trustees here.  

Support and Resources 

As ever, our Engagement Team can support Members to strengthen their Trustee recruitment, induction and retention process. Getting Trustees off to the best start with your organisations or group means that they have a clear understanding of their role from the outset which means they often contribute more and stick around for longer! Don’t forget there is a range of resources about and for Trustees that Members can access by signing into the website. Get in touch with our Engagement Team if you need support around recruiting, inducting or retaining Trustees 

Trustee Matching Service  

LGBT Consortium also runs a Trustee Matching Service that aims to place people from a corporate background with our Members to bring news skills and experience to the sector. If you think that your LGBT group or organisation could benefit from gaining a Trustee who brings corporate skills, connections and new energy - get in touch with our Engagement Team

You can find more general information about Trustee Week here


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