Shaan Surat Knan: Trans Organisation Network Worker

Shaan joined the team in June 2017 as our Trans Organisations Network (TON) worker. Alongside the fantastic Consortium team, Shaan facilitates this strategic network, working hard on providing a range of opportunities for Members of the Network to ensure trans issues remain high on the agenda across a range of stakeholders.

Shaan has been a dedicated LGBTQI+ campaigner with various international agencies for over a decade, with a particular emphasis on trans, non-binary and intersectional issues.  He is a member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group, and a trustee of GIRES.  He also works as heritage manager for Liberal Judaism, and has run a number of landmark projects including Twilight People and Rainbow Pilgrims. 

Shaan feels inspired by our communities, and their histories, capacities, cultures and learning, to collaborate on new ways of discovering and sharing knowledge.  He is committed to prioritising the needs of marginalised or less advantaged communities and supporting the pursuit of more socially just outcomes.

Shaan lives in Middlesex and loves the outdoors. He loves nature, wildlife conservation and animals - especially cats big and small.

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