Voice Work

Membership Benefit

At LGBT Consortium, we listen and consult with our Members to ensure their voices are heard.

This not only informs every aspect of our work, but we also believe that this enables us to;  

  • improve awareness of diversity within the sector and visibility to the wider community
  • be an effective broker between our Members, decisions makers and influencers
  • have a working model of collaboration within the sector and between our Members and decisions makers

We regularly coordinate with Members to prepare representational submissions to a range of consultations, from health to hate crime and from trans rights to same sex marriage - we want even the smallest of our Members to have their voices heard. 

By telling us about your LGBT group when you join, we can form a good picture of the work you do and where your experience and interest lay. Based on this information (and through your group opting into our specialist networks) we will ensure that the right information and opportunities get to your group.  


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